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Bureau for Listening    

Experimental art collective founded in 2021 by Amalie Sejersdahl, Lukas Quist Lund and Randi Lindholm Hansen. Our work is committed to encouraging the act of listening. We initiate and commission projects that encourage, foster and/or reinforce listening.


Interdisciplinary creative collective founded in 2019 by longtime friends Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Matilde Søes Rasmussen and Randi Lindholm Hansen. AWFUL is a creative alliance that was born out of a desire for a closer collaboration across our respective artistic practices. A wish to take chances and to put things out into the world faster than our individual practices would allow. In the words of Courtney Love, we insist on being AWFUL. Together. And for our work to be unpolished, messy, sexy, bad and fun - just like we are as individuals. 

Bird Flight Films
Nordic Girls Shoot

Villa Sarkia
Vemmetofte Kloster
Nordiskt Ljus

Danske Dramatikere (Danish Writers Guild)
WIFT Danmark

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